Thursday, 31 July 2014

Seed of an idea

My name is Elizabeth, better known as Liz or Moo (and many other nicknames, too numerous to mention).
Ever since I can remember I have loved being outdoors, I love the feel of soil between my fingers (and toes) - I find I am at peace when I garden.
With the aid of Mother Nature I grow vegetables in a patch at the bottom of my small garden; runner beans, strawberries, tomotoes, cucumbers and potatoes this year.
I surround my front door (to the annoyance of my other half sometimes) with pots of plants, hanging flowers and herbs.

I would like to share my love of gardening with others.
Some people have gardens and are no longer able to maintain them, others have gardens but are not passionate about it's maintenance. My aim is to tap into this and start a local business working weekends for the odd hour here and there gerdening for others.

This is the start of the journey ............ or rather the seed has been sown,with love, sun and water lets see if it grows.